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Solution to Stroke

GNLD Supplements for Stroke

STROKE (THROMBOSIS IN LEG) Occurs when blood supply of an area of the brain cells is cut off for a long period resulting in the death of the deprived cells from lack oxygen and nutrients
1x2 Flavonoid Complex
1x3 Omega -3/Omega 3 Plus
1x3 Tre-en-en
1x3 Carotenoid Complex
Nutrishake Herbal Rest & Relax

1x1 Formula IV Plus
1x3 CoQ10
1x2 Garlic Allium Complex
1x3 Lipotropic


Kedi Drugs for Stroke

Stroke (thrombosis in the leg) A sudden attack of paralysis either half part or total body and formation of blood clot that can block vessel Golden six 1*2 daily and daily Cordy royal jelly 3*2 daily

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