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Kedi Healthcare Products Recommendation - G

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Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach GASTRIFORT 4*2 DAILY
German measles Acute, contagious disease caused by virus. It produces red rashes which last a couple of days. Reishi 3*2 daily
Gingivitis Inflammation of gums same as bleeding gum Reishi 3*2 daily
Goitre Enlargement of the thyroid gland which appears a swelling on the front of the neck Reishi 3*2 daily and Golden Hypha 4*2
Gonorrhea A specific contagious catarrhal inflammation of the genital mucous Reishi 3*2 daily
Gout A metabolic disease marked by acute arthritis and inflammation of the great toe of the joint. This is very painful Reishi 3*2 daily and JOINTEEZ PILLS 10 PILLS *2 WITH WARM WATER

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