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Solution for Blood Pressure

GNLD / Neolife Supplements for Blood Pressure

BLOOD PRESSURE (HIGH HYPERTENSION) Very little blood in the blood sTream, thus forcing the heart to over work itself. Characterized by very hard & fast heartbeat, dizziness and growth
1x3 Omega- 3 Plus
1x3 Garlic Allium
1x2 Herbal Rest & Relax
1x3 Vitamin E Caps
1x2 Vit. C (s.r) / All C
1x2 Vit. B Co.
Neolife Nutri Shake
2x2 Lipotropic Adjunct


Kedi Drugs for Blood Pressure

Hypotension/Hypertension Blood pressure below or over normal Golden six 1*2 daily daily and CARDIBETTER 3*3 Daily

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