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Kedi Healthcare Products Recommendation - I, J K, L, M

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Inflamed intestines Inflamed intestines causing stagnation of feces in little distended sacs of the colon (diverticula) Constilease 2*2 daily
Laryngitis This is an inflammation of the larynx or voice box affecting the voice and breathing symptoms include hoarseness or loss of the voice, sometimes with fever or sore throat Cordy active 4*2 daily and Reishi 3*2 daily
Leg cramps Muscle contraction causing pain in the calf of the leg or in other muscles  Reishi 3*2 daily
Liver problems Liver problems Golden Hypha 4*2 and GASTRIFORT 3*2 DAILY
Low sperm count A man’s failure to produce a sufficiently large number of sperm cells to impregnate a woman when they have intercourse Cordy active 4*2 daily
 and Vigor essential 1*2 daily
Lupus erythematosus (LE) A chronic and usually fatal disease. Skin rash is always present. The erythema spreading across the bridge of nose and face is a butterfly pattern. The cause is unknown, incidence highest in female between puberty and menopause  Reishi 3*2 daily and Golden Hypha 4*2
Malaria Anemia, chills, fever, headache, jaundice, muscle pain, nausea, sweating, vomiting e.t.c Qinghao 2 capsules as a single dose at the time of initial diagnosis, another 2 caps 6 hrs later, after 24 hours take 2 capsules and 48 hrs later, take the final 2 capsules
Malnutrition Undernourishment or inadequate nutritional intake, characterized by weakness, skinny look or anemia Cordy active 4*2 daily and V-CA 1 daily
Measles sore Sore from the skin eruptions that follows an attack of measles  Reishi 3*2 daily
Mental block Lack of assimilation or state of forgetfulness sub intelligence Cordy royal jelly 3*2 daily
Migraine headache Pain in the head usually only on one side accompanied by nausea and interference in vision. This sickness is periodical Cordy active 4*2 daily
Multiple sclerosis The hardening of more than one organ or tissue due to excessive growth of fibrous tissue. The hardening with nervous system especially the brain and spinal cord resulting from degeneration of nervous elements symptoms are numerous e.g. scanning, speech (not expected to the age) at the time of trembling Golden Hypha 4*2
Mumps (epidermic parotitis) Acute, contagious, febrile (feverish) disease characterized by inflammation to the perotid glands and other salivary gland, the on set is gradual symptom include: chillness, headache, headache, pain below ear, moderate fever though sometimes higher followed by swelling of parotid gland. It has a doughty feeling movement of the jaw are painful and restricted  Reishi 3*2 daily
Myocadial infaction Connecting the myrocardium (muscle cardic heart) development of an infant (lack of blood) in the myocardium characterized by pain similar to that angina pectoris, shock, heart attack and frequent sudden death (cardia failure) Cordy royal jelly 3*2 daily and CARDIBETTER 3*3 Daily
Myocarditis (myocardial inflammation) Inflammation of heart muscular tissue, associated with a number of infections nephritis (kidney inflammation) carbon monoxide poisoning characterized by apex heat, extremely weak, irregular weak pulse Cordy royal jelly 3*2 daily and CARDIBETTER 3*3 Daily
Muscle cramps Sudden and painful tightening of the muscles usually caused by cold, overwork of flexibility of the muscles Cordy active 4*2 daily and V-ca  1 DAILY
Muscular dystrophy Wasting away due to lack of nutrition of any part of the body Cordy active 4*2 daily and V-CA 1 DAILY

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