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Solution to Asthma

GNLD / Neolife Supplements for Asthma

ASTHMA (ADULT) Fits or attack of difficult breathing, frequent coughing and feeling of suffocating Herbal Respiratory Formula
1x3 Beta-Guard
1x3 Vit. E caps
1x2 Multi-Mineral & Alfalfa
2x3 Garlic Complex/Lipotropic
2 H.scoops Nutr. 1x3 Chelated Cal-Mag
1x3 Tre-en-en
1x2 Vit. C (s.r) / All C

1x1 Herbal Resp. formula
1x2 Beta-Guard
1x3 Tre-en-en
1x1 Vit. B Co. (S.R),
1x2 Vit. C (s.r) / All C
1x1 Multi Mineral & Alfalfa


Kedi Drugs for Asthma

Asthma Disease of the bronchial tubes which lead from the wind pipe or trachea into lungs causing painting, shortness of breath almost suffocating. (Technically called bronchial asthma) Cordy active 4*2 daily and Reishi 3*2 daily

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