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Kedi Healthcare Products Recommendation - T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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Tetanus (Lockjaw) An infectious, acute disease due to toxin(of clostridium tetani in which there is a state of more or less persistent, painful tonic spasm (contraction) of some of the volunta muscle.) This may be begin gradually or may be sudden, may be brief or may last some weeks. The first sign is stiffness of jaws and esophageal muscles and some of the face contract (producing a wild, excited expression, a compound of bitter laughter and crying Reishi 3*2 daily 

Tonsillitis The inflammation of one or both (pair) of lymphold tissue one on each side of the mouth, characterized by difficulty in swallowing saliva or other liquids Reishi 3*2 daily 
Tuberculosis An infectious disease (caused by the tubercle it most commonly affect the respiratory system and other parts of the body such as the gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tacts, bones, joints, nervous system, lymph nodes. Skin may become affected. Cordy active 4*2 daily and Reishi 3*2 daily 
Tumor, cancer (malignant) neoplasm Harmful antonymous, new growth of tissue. Forming an abnormal mass which performs no psychological function in the body e.g. cancer Golden Hypha 4*2 and Reishi 3*2 daily 
Uric acid One of the waste products of metabolism found in the blood and urine Gastrifort 3*2 daily and Reishi 3*2 daily 
Vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina causing discomfort Reishi 3*2 daily 
Varicose vein An unnaturally swollen or enlarged vein especially in the legs Reishi 3*2 daily 
Veneral disease A small overgrowth on the skin Reishi 3*2 daily  and Golden Hypha 4*2
Vertgo (Lightheadedness) Dizziness or giddiness, feeling as if everything were turning round, as if unable to balance, mentally confused, feeling that one cannot mentally confused, feeling that one cannot stand firm, as if one want to fall Cordy active 4*2 daily
Wart (Verruca) A small overgrowth on the skin Golden Hypha 4*2
Weak erection Failure to achieve full erection during sexual act Revive 2 once daily
Whitlow (Felon) Suppurative inflammation (pus-filled) at the end of a finger or toe. This is very painful Reishi 3*2 daily 
Wound (ulcerated) Break in the continuity of soft parts from violence or trauma of tissues, these have kept long on one’s body and have become chronic and seem to be incurable Reishi 3*2 daily 
Wrinkles (furrow cases) Small fold or line in the skin (especially the kind produced by age ) Constilease 2*2 daily
Yeast infection Same as vaginitis, feeling heat and burning in vagina and vulva feeling of aching and sense of weight in perineum, characterized by frequent desire to urinate, pain and throbbing in pelvic region of abdomen. Much discharge of whitish mucus from the vaginal (leukorrhea) Reishi 3*2 daily 

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