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Strong Bones Problems starts from childhood

While we often think of bone issues as a condition that affect older adults, the ground work for bone health is laid during the childhood years. The key message from leading bone and nutrition experts on WORLD OSTEOPOROSIS DAY in 2016 was that the right nutrition throughout life can make a difference in bone health.

Peak bone mass and development is genetically predetermined. However, the right nutrition can help children and adolescents achieve their full genetic potential for optimal bone health. In fact, according to the international Osteoporosis Foundation, a 10% increase in peak bones mass in children could reduce the risk Osteoporotic fracture during adult life by 50%.

Adolescence is an especially critical period of skeleton development, during which more than half of bone mass is accumulated. A recent review that summarises the role that nutrition plays in the development and maintenance of a healthy skeleton describes some of the key nutrient that are needed during this stage.

  • Calcium is not only a major building for our skeleton but also plays important roles in nerve and muscle functioning. Children ages 4-8 years should get 800mg/day while older children and teens, ages 9-18 years, should aim for 1,300mg/day. Theoretically, it should not be difficult to meet this levels, since a 250ml glass of milk or a cup of yoghurt can provide 300mg of calcium. However, achieving this daily recommendation continues to be a challenge for most kids. Various studies have highlighted that children in South Africa are not achieving the basic recommended levels of calcium intake. In one particular group it was shown that from the 40 most commonly consumed foods, full cream milk was ranked 8th and the only other calcium containing foods were custard (32th), and low fat yoghurt (37th).
  • Vitamin D plays two key roles in the development and maintenance of bones: 1) assist in calcium absorption from food in the intestine and 2) ensure the appropriate renewal and remineralization of bone. Insufficient intakes of this sunshine vitamin is so prevalent among youth that health authorities recommend supplements be given to infants and young children to help meet the recommended dietary allowance of 400IU for infants under one and 600IU for children over one teens.
  • Protein makes up about 50% of the volume of bone and a daily supply of dietary protein is necessary for building the structure of bone. In adequate protein intakes during childhood can impair the production and activity of IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor-1), which is a hormone that stimulates bone formation.


Ideally, children would get all the nutrients they need from the food they eats but the data shows that it just not happening. Parent aim to help their children close these nutrient gaps by providing nutrient-dense foods, which are high in nutritional value but lower in empty kilojoules from added sugars, saturated and trans fatty acids. However, this is not always possible or realistic. Sadly, the processed foods that makes up the majority of the western diet are often lacking in the very nutrients that children needed to thrive. In fact, a 2008 study conduct in Canada showed that 89% of foods marketed for children provide poor nutritional quality- high in sugar, fat and sodium- despite labelling with nutrition claims such as “source of calcium”. Furthermore, parent often complain about how difficult it is to get tom get their children to eat the food that are good for them. That where Neo life supplements can come in. Supplement from whole food sources offer the nutrition that children need in the synergistic balance that nature intended. So while parents should aim to provide a healthy diet for their children, health experts agree that supplement can help bridge the gap, particularly if the child has a poor appetite or is a picky eater.  

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